Cricket Captain 3 demo

EA Cricket installments come out to great fanfare with celebrity endorsements. The Cricket Life people email us and keep us abreast of things. Empire Interactive however, don't tend to bother telling anyone when they release a new version of International Cricket Captain - or Cricket Captain as it's now more pleasingly known.

We rather bad-mouthed the original International Cricket Captain. We were right. We weren't right about International Cricket Captain 2006 though. It turns out it wasn't just a database update. We played it and it's still believable in 2019. Batsmen can still score runs and Gavin Hamilton was never at any point the best bowler in the world.

The graphics were still garbage though, which is where Cricket Captain 3 comes in. It looks much nicer and appears to include Hawkeye, the tracking thing that shows the path of each delivery.

The game looks to be much the same, but if Hawkeye's included, it must be for a reason. Maybe you can examine each player's ability to swing the ball. That adds another dimension.

Get the free demo here for nowt.

Get the full game here for more than nowt.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

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