A really quite staggeringly offensive picture of Andy Bichel

The title says it all really.

And to think we spoke to the man.


Friday, July 20, 2007

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Anonymous TC said...

keep your holiday photos to yourself. I don't need to see a photo of you and your beach bum mates "hanging out"

5:20 pm  
Anonymous Robert Edward Williams said...

I never write anything honest here ever. Even when I say it is honest it is a lie but I implore you to believe the following. I will use my real name for the first time to to encourage belief. This is how true it is.

I have seen King Cricket in a pair of black speedo's exactly like the ones in this photo.

think about that, no REALLY think about that. Then he expected us to go for a meal that night as if nothing had happened and eat food! just carry on as normal!


5:25 pm  

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