Don Bradman v Garry Sobers - the greatest cricketer ever

It's Garry Sobers. And here's why:

In a fictional Test match of unlimited overs, 11 Don Bradmans face 11 Garry Sobers... Soberses... Whatever. Captain Bradman wins the toss and elects to bat.

So we have a batting line-up of 11 Don Bradmans. Each has a Test batting record of 6,996 runs at the unparallelled average of 99.94 featuring 29 centuries. Faced with the task of dismissing this nightmarish batting side are 11 Garry Sobers, each with a Test bowling record of 235 wickets at 34.03.

Sobers goes at the Bradmans with seam bowling as the pitch is a little green. After a matter of days, the Bradmans are all out for 1,200. Now it's Sobers' turn to bat.

Each of the batting Garry Sobers has a Test record of 8,032 runs at a whopping 57.78. Unfortunately for the Bradmans, they are, at best, mediocre bowlers. Their Test bowling record features just two wickets and an average of 36. The Bradmans aren't bowlers.

Untroubled by any of the Bradmans' ineffectual pies, the Garry Sobers XI eventually declare their innings closed at 2,000-6.

For the Bradmans' second innings, Sobers starts by bowling seam-up, but soon switches to slow finger spin at which he is equally adept. After a while, he mixes it up and bowls wrist-spin at one end and finger spin at the other end. This is all backed up by some ferocious fielding. On a wearing pitch the Bradmans are all out for 800, leaving the scores tied. Sobers then hits a single to emerge victorious by ten wickets.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

By your reasoning, the mighty Mark Ealham >>> Bradman.

Some people may argue with this.

12:46 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark Ealham would never dismiss the Don.

Bradman would then rely on run-outs.

Besides, Ealham would get himself out a good few times.

4:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its neither Bradman or Sobers..... its the little master 'Sachin Tendulkar'. Consider the amount of pressure he is under from cricket crazy nation + amount of cricket being played + technology for bowlers to study opposition batmen. So its Sachin Tendulkar - the one.

3:36 am  
Blogger Sean Keenan said...

Absolute crap. A players greatness is judged by the way they help a team win matches. Bradman wins comfortably. This 11 bradmans vs 11 sobers is just a gimmick.

12:18 am  

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