...Rob Key... hits... A HUNDRED

July the 6th, 2006. Where were you when it happened?

It’s like Christmas; our birthday; the day when this manager that we hated was fired for shady dealings; and that time we found a fiver, all rolled into one. We’ve been waiting a long time for this, but it’s finally happened: Rob Key has hit a century.

We even went so far as to listen to tennis on the way home from work. Our reasoning being that on a dedicated sport radio station there was a chance that there would be some sort of report on the England A game. There was no report and Rob actually reached his hundred while we were in the car. We didn’t find out until we got home. Radio 5 Live isn’t going to be on in our car again.

This is what cricket scorecards in heaven must look like.

Here’s the bit where it tells you it’s an England (A) match:

And here’s the bit where there are three digits next to Rob Key’s name:

We’re going to start a conga in a few minutes. Hopefully people will start to join us pretty much straight away. We’ll make our way south and should arrive at the ground just in time for the start of play tomorrow morning. At that point, we estimate that we’ll have recruited three million people to participate. Three million is the mark out of ten that we give Rob Key’s batting.

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