Another Rob Key hundred

A watched Rob never scores hundreds, as the old saying goes. We spend EVERY HOUR of EVERY DAY looking at Kent scorecards waiting for numbers to appear and subsequently increase after Rob Key's name, but nothing happens. We go away for the weekend and are cut off from the beautiful land that we call The Kingdom of Bat and Ball and what do you know: Rob Key hits a hundred - 136 not out against Hampshire (and therefore Shane Warne) in a stultifying draw.

Who'd have thought it was a whole month since our last Rob Key post. That's a sure sign of how miserable we've been. Our mind's been full of precisely nothing for the whole duration of that month. Occasionally we get a bit blank like that, but it's balanced out by the times when the fairies come and camp in our head. At those times we think lots of things and get really enthusiastic about the dullest stuff. The fairies seem to power us in some way. Either that or they're doing all the thinking and tricking us into believing that it's us. Or maybe they just come and stay when Rob Key does something good.

They're visiting today. We don't know how long they'll stay.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

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