Rob Key is in the Academy squad - but that's not all

Despite his relatively crap recent form, Rob Key has again been selected for England's winter Academy squad. No surprise there. Rob's always in the Academy squad. His home address is at the Academy (and we should know). However, there are two fantastic plus points to his selection. Firstly, we get to write about him ALL WINTER LONG. That's right. The thought that Rob is there will comfort us in the depths of winter. His rosy visage will light our seasonal affective disordered mind.

Secondly, he's in line for an Ashes spot. He's not officially a member of the party, but he's right there in Australia. As soon as someone gets injured or gets bored and goes home, Rob's there. He's in with a chance.

Rob actually played for England on the last Ashes tour. The Australians apparently thought quite a bit of him. Seasoned cricket journalists always cite instances where Australians 'rate' an English player. The subtext is that Australians know the secret of cricket, whereas we Brits don't. If they think someone's good, it means that their special 'good cricketer' sense has come into play.

It's not true. English people know a good cricketer when they see one. How else would we have selected such modern day masters as Jason Gallian, Darren Maddy and Chris Schofield?

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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Blogger The Cloud said...

Trescothick and Pietersen both get injured during the first test loss.
Robert Key gets the call-up - scores 4 double centuries and is dubbed the "new Bradman".

True story!

8:48 pm  
Anonymous The Robert Key Singers said...

(to the tune of "O Tannenbaum" (or "the Red Flag" if you perfer). it doesn't quite scan.)

Robert Key, O Robert key,
Your county form gives us misery.
Robert Key, O Robert Key,
But your of to Oz with the Academy

Yes, Downunder you will wait and play
For a selected team member to go away

Rober key, O Robert Key,
Your of to Oz with the Academy.

9:45 am  

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