Darren Lehmann hits a hundred

We've probably made ourself clear by now about how much we think of Darren Lehmann. If you're in any doubt, it's more than we think of the miracle of life and slightly less than we think of sandwiches.

Darren Lehmann hit 172 out of Yorkshire's total of 310 against Kent. The next highest score was 41 from one of this season's most consistent performers, Anthony McGrath. What's most impressive about Darren Lehmann is that he's been doing this for years. Some players have a really good season where they stand head and shoulders above every other player, then they live off this for the rest of their careers. If they're Simon Jones, they promptly get injured immediately after their finest hour and no-one ever really works out whether they were absolutely class or whether they were just in a bit of a purple patch for a couple of weeks. There's no doubt with Darren Lehmann though because he's been doing it every single season since the invention of the lava lamp.

Rob Key's 7 not out in the same match, incidentally. If we've a high opinion of Darren Lehmann then...

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Friday, August 11, 2006

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Anonymous Mahinda said...

In that picture, is he looking at Will Jefferson?

10:50 am  

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