Rob Key again captains England A

The stage is set. Rob Key will be on his home turf and he'll be playing against international opposition again. We're a little bit disconcerted that the match isn't taking place RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE, but we'll get over that feeling when the match does start on July the 6th.

Also included are one-day surprises Tim Bresnan, Jamie Dalrymple and Alex Loudon, as well as strike bowler, Matthew Hoggard.

England A games are great. They offer loads of intrigue. Plus they always seem to have Rob Key in them at the moment. There's no sporting occasion that couldn't be improved by the presence of Rob Key.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Went to the Surrey v Kent Twenty20 match last night. Was hoping to see a bit of Rob Key batting but he was out for not a lot unfortunately. Still I went home happy, Surrey won thanks mainly to a dreadful Kent batting performance - somebody needs to have a word with those guys about running between the wickets.

On a side note, what is your feeling on the music at one-day/Twenty20 games? Can't stand it myself - a quick blast of some naff music every time the ball goes to the boundary does little to add to the entertainment.

7:02 pm  
Blogger Blue and Brown said...

We're of the opinion that instead of dated pop music, they should play the cream of advertising jingles, thus raising money, if nothing else.

Advertising jingles, particularly radio ones, lend themselves to very short plays. "Dream dreams. Sleep on a bed of dreams," is one of our local radio favourites as well as Belle Vue racetrack's "Love the dogs."

Wouldn't risk Frosties' "They're gonna taste grea-eat. They're gonna taste grea-eat," though. It wouldn't be the same without that demented kid and his uncontrollable arms.

8:38 am  

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