Graeme Swann - half-term report

Graeme Swann's batting average is 31.77, which is all right. His bowling average is 48.66, which is hopeless.

Being as he's a spin bowler, things could pick up for him later in the season as the pitches get drier, but we're not anticipating great things any more. Graeme Swann's been bumbling around at this level for a while now. We're losing confidence that he's going to improve. Having said that, spinners often mature later and can usually play longer. That's not much good for this season though.

Verdict: D
You're letting yourself down, Graeme. But worse than that: You're letting us down. We know that you don't know us and even if you did, we'd be really nervous and polite and servile, but you really should consider us when you act this way.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

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Anonymous DJ said...

Oh how this school report should be re-graded after someone has done their homework as well as some extra classroom work...

The golden boy in the last one day series; us Brits despise confidence - Maybe we need to take a lesson from G, exiled from the England setup for eight years, anyone weak wouldn't even be able to watch it on the TV, let alone get selected.

Maybe we should start backing talented players... Schofield on the other hand, how did he get a County contract?! At least he doesn't bowl with M frames on anymore!

5:28 pm  
Anonymous King Cricket said...

To be fair, it was 2006 and it was a review of the first half of that season.

We've marked other work of his more favourably since.

8:31 am  

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