Ball tampering techniques

Following this debacle, we got to thinking about what constitutes ball tampering. It would be naive indeed to presume that there weren't widely used techniques for 'preserving' the ball which maybe don't quite fit with the laws of the game. At what point does accepted practice become unacceptable?

In order to explore the issue, we thought that we'd try and list techniques used by players of all levels to affect the condition of the ball. We're rather hoping that some of you will be able to contribute in the comments, but we're not too certain how many of you actually play. Also, you all seem like decent law-abiding sorts, so maybe you won't be down with all the nefarious acts which go on.

While there are many methods that have been described in print - bottle tops, sun cream, certain mints or throat lozenges - we can only offer one that we've heard of from a less public source. Special Correspondent Dad, whilst naming no names, described how a co-cricketer in the lower leagues, used to apply lip balm to his trousers. Subsequent shinings would thus create a sort of veneer, which could, potentially, aid swing movement.

We hope that you the reader can add to this in the spirit of documenting our beautiful game. Comment away.


Monday, August 21, 2006

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Anonymous harrowdrive said...

Someone I played club cricket with used to lift the seam fairly obviously with his nails (finger, not metal). Amazingly noone ever seemed to notice.

Perhaps because he was often carted around the green.

2:39 pm  

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