Younis Khan perfects 'bullet time'

Here we see Younis Khan demonstrating his ability to use 'bullet time'. Younis makes everything move really slowly except himself. This gives him ample time to react to whatever's bowled.

In order to combat this, Steve Harmison has taken to bowling from only one yard away from the batsman, but still Younis is untroubled.

He hovers, watching the ball closely, before spanking the ball back past the bowler for four using a peculiar stroke akin to the action of chopping wood with an axe.

It's also a no-ball.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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Anonymous Mahinda said...

Just imagine a bullet-time version of a Michael Vaughan cover drive. That would be sweet!

12:47 pm  
Anonymous Trevor Jordache said...

It would be sweet Mahinda. But not as sweet as the image I have in my head right now.

KC, white speedos, paunch and stubble. All for the ladies. I'm not imagining it. I've seen it.



5:40 pm  

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