West Indians 'disappointed' in England's on-field behaviour

Tino Best pointedly ignores Steve Harmison and Nasser Hussain as the pair indulge in their favourite pastime of "jumping".

The whole West Indian team lodged a formal complaint about England's on-field behaviour during the 2004 series in the Caribbean. The West Indians felt that some of England's joyous shenanigans were tantamount to time-wasting.

"Jumping" came in for particularly heavy criticism.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

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Anonymous Jude The Obscure said...

I think next year will be THE year.

Come on Tim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:48 am  
Anonymous Il Papa said...

Jumping, I believe, was also the favourite pass time of St. Francis Xavier, who also took cricket to the west coast of India in 1542 when a Jesuit XII went on tour to the sub-continent.

That's a sold gold FACT.

10:10 am  

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