Chris Schofield in provisional Twenty20 World Cup squad

When we're here, we have to make the best out of 'three wickets for Lee Daggett'-type non-news. We go away for two weeks and records are being broken left, right and centre.

We'll have to ignore all of that because reporting old news would sully our immaculate reputation. So, er, here's some ongoing news... Chris Schofield's in England's 30-man Twenty20 World Cup squad.

This is an unbelievable turnaround for Schofield who, until recently, sent the ball down like a bowling machine set to 'long-hop' while resembling the kind of person who acts as a beacon warning you from entering certain public houses (see right).

While his County Championship form's been atrocious, in Twenty20 he's taken more wickets than anyone at an average of just 8.82. No one knows what a good Twenty20 average is, but only ten players have taken 10 wickets or more this season and of those Schofield's average is the best. He can field too.

What do you make of it?

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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Anonymous Spheres O' Plenty said...

I didn't realise the Jimmy Nail/'Spender' look was back in. I'm soo out of touch.

9:48 am  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

The Spender look's always in.

10:16 am  
Anonymous Crocodile Shoe said...

Don't get me started on Spender. Proper telly that, don't make them like they used to etc.

He looks like he should be mates with Jimmy White doesn't he. oohh that would be good. An episode of Spender where Jimmy is up in the north east for an exhibition game and somebody steals his 'special' snooker cue. Spender, a mate from his drinking days, vows to hunt it down.

I would watch that.

11:40 am  
Anonymous Auf Mahindersehn, Pet said...

Nah, it should be a double-parter at least...

Some of Jimmy's East End muckers decide to stage a good ol' cricket match on Hackney Marshes, and Jimmy drafts in his old mate Chris as a ringer.

While Jimmy's out batting, cutting it like Aravinda, his favourite cue (which seldom leaves his side) goes missing from the changing room.

Was it Chris? Was it 'Arry Redknapp? Was it that dodgy geezer from Eastenders?

Only Spender, drafted in on the fast train from Newcastle, like, can find out.

*cue theme tune*

3:20 pm  
Anonymous Nightcat said...

you can'take Spender out of Newcastle.

It's like Morse and Oxford. The place is nearly as big a character as the star of the show.

It would be like the 'Are You Being Served' film when they go on holiday. Rubbish.
They took them out of the shop and it didn't work.

And why is Jimmy White playing cricket? And on the off chance he was playing cricket why would he take his snooker cue? If it seldom left his side why would he leave it in the changing rooms?

I'm sorry but I just don't like it.

5:38 pm  
Anonymous can't remember my name but it's above said...

of course, the double-parter bit is cock on

5:47 pm  
Anonymous nightcat said...

I've just read my rant auf mahindersehn pet and I can only apologise. I get a bit barmy when Spender is mentioned. We'll maake your version of the show, it's a good idea (but maybe set it in Newcastle?)

7:35 pm  

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