Chris Tremlett returns to international cricket

Chris Tremlett's back. Great. We rate Chris Tremlett.

Being freakishly tall doesn't make you a good seam bowler. However, being freakishly tall is an asset and it's one that can't be acquired through practice. We're not even sure what you'd do to practice. Stilts maybe.

We've a reservation though - and it's not at an all-you-can-eat jalapeno jerky restaurant. It's to do with the number of young pace bowlers lining up to play for England. Everyone's agreed that it's good to have options and 'backup', but we're worried things might start getting confused.

We've got James Anderson and Chris Tremlett from the last Test; there's Stuart Broad champing at the bit (and it is 'champing' by the way, not 'chomping'); and Liam Plunkett's been quietly reassured that he's gifted while simultaneously being dropped. There's a chance that they might deny each other international experience. There's only so much international experience to go round, after all.

It's all well and good identifying players for the future, but at some point you have to be specific and identify which player exactly is the best of the bunch.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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