Justin Kemp, South Africa - World Cup player to watch

Slow, low pitches and short boundaries. Justin Kemp should get runs. They should probably change cricket's scoring system, in fact, because he's unlikely to do much running.

South Africa aren't sticking to 'the Justin Kemp tactic' so rigidly of late, but it's still there, on the backburner. Chances are it'll get an airing or two during the World Cup.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

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Anonymous EvilMinion said...

I like the Justin Kemp tactic. I don't like the Justin Kemp tactic when it's used against Australia, primarily because we have no bowling attack to speak of, and it will decimate us. Decimate, I tell you.

9:08 am  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

Just hope that you don't take enough wickets to give him a bat then.

One time, at school, the opposition needed three runs off two balls. Simon was batting. Simon could never have scored those runs.

We made the mistake of getting Simon out. Alan came in and hit the final ball for three.

We learnt our lesson. Perhaps John Buchanan can tell this tale to his team.

9:15 am  
Anonymous EvilMinion said...

If only Dippenaar was in the team. Now there's a man who knows how to slow the run rate and not get out.

7:17 am  

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