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We like writing about Cricket Life. Apologies to all of our readers who are grown-ups and can't play video games because all the other captains of industry down at the squash club will think they're simpletons if they admit as much.

For the rest of you who aren't held back by weighty burdens such as friends or 'being mature', read on.

We've previously listed some of the greatest features of Cricket Life 2007. Here are some more:

  • Gamers may choose to use media, intelligence and strategy to defeat opponents. We're 'media'. You could use us. We could wage a petty-minded war against Matthew Hayden if you wanted. This game is JUST LIKE REAL LIFE.
  • Gamers can invest hard-earned, in-game money in business and property. This is NOT just like real life. In real life we invest money in DVD box-sets of The Wire and electricity bills. We certainly don't have enough to invest in 'business'.
  • Gamers can add more countries through add-ons. We're not too sure what this means. Either you can gather up all of the world's bears and give them their own republic in northern Canada, or the developers just haven't bothered with any of the non-cricketing countries, like Greenland, Mexico or Zimbabwe.
Most of the other features revolve around being rich and clever, so we can't really identify with them. Also, we're supposed to be working and should really stop getting distracted, otherwise we won't be finished by the 7th of July, 2007.

To finish, here's a picture of Old Trafford looking less decrepit than usual and also featuring rather more skyscrapers than we remember in the background.

Update: We're not sure if we were first, but we DID beat Gamebience in announcing the release date of the game - and they're the ones who made it.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

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Blogger The Atheist said...

Also, the sun is shining, which is a little creepy. And what's with the swirling cloud things?

11:37 am  
Anonymous the scientician said...

Hmmm, that looks suspiciously like London to me.
The bit under the swirling clouds, repeated behind the pavillion, look rather like the City of London, plus a couple of extra towers, which are being built.

A the next to it is canary warf.

Hmmm, seems that they are moving Old Trafford after all, to somewhere just north of the Oval by the looks of it.

2:15 pm  
Blogger omar said...

awesome graphics of the ground, but what about gameplay? cricket games are sadly years behind other sports in terms of gameplay.

The best game thus far is Brian Lara cricket...but even that has not improved a lot over the years...They're not addictive enough.

cricket captain 2005. now that's like crack cocaine. (i think) i can't leave for work in the morning without playing a series!

10:57 pm  

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