Cricket Life 2007 release date

We're not allowed to publish this until Monday the 26th of February, which is odd, because we only got it today. It might be that we received it in the early hours, UK time. If everyone in the States is still sitting on this, then does that make it a WORLD EXCLUSIVE?

Oh, right, all those hundreds of countries that are east of the UK - they're all ahead of us, aren't they?

Cricket Life 2007 will be out on 07/07/07, which shouldn't be too hard to remember. It strikes us that that doesn't leave an awful lot of 2007 within which the game can look up-to-date. Could it be that this game has been delayed a bit. The press release says:

"Gamers and cricket-lovers around the world will have an opportunity to continue the cricket fever within the game even after the world cup is over. As July is a holiday season in many countries around the world, we thought this would be the right time to release the game."

This rather backs us up. 'Continuing the cricket fever', sounds rather like putting a brave face on missing the World Cup boat. Also, July's only really a holiday season in countries where it's summer and therefore everyone will be outdoors. Still, what were laptops made for, if not enjoying indoor pursuits outdoors?

We're still quite excited about Cricket Life. Hopefully we've not lost our review copy by insinuating that the developers have been slow and lazy.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

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