Saqlain Mushtaq signs for Sussex

This could be a BIG signing. See, we've even put 'big' in big letters. That's how big it could be.

Sussex's success over the last few years has been based around Mushtaq Ahmed - an ageing, yet gifted spinner who is able to play throughout the season due to a lack of international commitments. Who else might fit this description?

Well Saqlain Mushtaq, of course. But he also has some other plus points. Firstly, he's 30, so he's got many years of cricket ahead of him. Secondly, he's married to an English woman, so technically he could qualify as English in April, meaning that Sussex can happily select other overseas players.

But at heart what Sussex are getting is an absolutely top-drawer spin bowler. 208 Test wickets at under 30; 288 one-day international wickets at 21.78; and 775 first-class wickets at 23.25. Saqlain's been suffering with a range of injuries over the last few years. It's actually been nearly three years since he played a Test, which surprised us. He's talented enough that he'll bounce back and Sussex will reap the rewards.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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Blogger omar said...

Reading about Saqlain is depressing from a Pakistani point of view. Glad he's been signed but this chap was unfairly treated during the last few years. Kaneria has taken up the role of the main spinner, but I long for the days when Saqlain and Mushy were both mainstay's in both the ODI and test squads.

This is a fellow that was one of the fastest to get to 100 wickets in ODI's. He pretty much made the Doorsa. I remember they used to make him open the bowling once or twice and he would bowl at the death quite a few times...

Saqlain's career effectively ended when he played against India and Sehwag made 300 on a flat pitch with no spin or lateral movement.

I can't believe he is only 30....

Make it even more tragic.

i'm a bit sad now

4:41 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

I think he was THE fastest to 100 ODI wickets.

Look at it as the beginning of chapter two or something similarly cheesy.

5:04 pm  
Blogger Tim said...

Being a Surrey fan, I saw a fair bit of him and, from about 25, he seemed in decline. Maybe he simply 'over-bowled' and, unlike Murali and Warne, was unable to develop new tricks, so batsmen gradually found him out?

5:20 pm  
Anonymous Big Mac said...

The mere mention of Mushtaq Ahmed makes me want to mention this:

I know the clip is from a while back but seriously, is there no end to Mushy's talents?

Keep up the good work, glad to know there's someone who dislikes Hayden nearly as much as I do.

6:18 pm  
Blogger omar said...

More often than not, its politics that drives players out of Pakistani cricket circles.

If I was a Pakistani selector, I wouldn't have asked Mushy to coach the team over the past 2 years, I would have asked him to bowl.

Anyway, its quite plausible that players started figuring Saqlain out. This is the same story with Kaneria, who started with so much promise and now is not quite so threatening.

Interesting that you say he might be able to play as a local player....

Check this out. From

"In early April Saqlain is allowed to apply for his British passport and as such will be able to play for Sussex as an EU qualified player. That might see him becoming available for England in 2008."

Well, well....wouldn't that be something?

5:31 am  
Blogger Swapnil Shah said...

And as Cricinfo mentioned, "He will also qualify to play for England in 2008". Can't rule out that possibility.

9:20 pm  

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