Yuvraj Singh, India - World Cup player to watch

It would be a spineless dereliction of duty if we abandoned Yuvraj Singh now. We once called him the best one-day international batsman in the world.

If we didn't name him as a player to watch and then he had a great World Cup, we'd be kicking ourself as much as that time we rolled through a red light outside the police station because we'd got side-tracked watching a cat cross the road (this is a true story - we're occasionally a bit oblivious to the world around us).

He can hit sixes and he can work the ball around. We always end up repeating ourself on updates like this, because we're effectively summing up stuff we've already written. No more. We're naming him. He's good*. Let's leave it at that.

* We've recently developed an aversion to any positive adjective stronger than 'good'. This does not bode well for our World Cup coverage.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

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Blogger Amit Bajaj said...

Hope Yuvraj and the rest of India comes good (King Cricket)..

I hope they do better than that!! (Cricket Etcetera)

5:15 pm  
Blogger Ananth said...

deinitely a player to watch. an injury doesnt mean we all forget him...does it?

any batsmen who can belt the ball so hard as he does has to be a treat to watch...

1:55 pm  
Anonymous Anjelina said...

No Doubt Yuvraj Singh is the king of sixes. I love his tyle of battign adn passion.


9:12 am  

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