A really lame update because it's been a long day and we're willing to do anything other than work right now

Alternatively, you could look on it as the worst job application for the role of BBC Sport proofreader that's ever been made: 'Look how crap you are', it says.

The bit we're on about is the caption 'McGrath has played for Yorkshire for the past 121 seasons'.

Yes, we've read the BBC's cricket website pretty much every day since they first started it and the worst mistake they've made is a single numeral typo. We've probably got more mistakes than that in one paragraph of this update.

Let's not laugh at us and our worthless station in life though. Let's laugh at the idea that Anthony McGrath's well over a hundred. Hilarious.

Update: Immediately after publishing this, we went to the BBC's cricket page and immediately saw a far worse error - the omission of the word 'he'. It's a dark day for the BBC. A dark day indeed.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

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