Abdul Razzaq to miss World Cup

The world's oldest-looking 27-year-old, Abdul Razzaq, has injured himself in training and will miss the whole of the World Cup.

We're a great fan of Razzaq's schizophrenic batting - either blocking for hours or repeatedly launching giant sixes - and we're as sad that he's missing the World Cup as we are that Brett Lee will.

But, as ever, this gives someone else a chance and who could be more deserving than Azhar Mahmood? No-one's quite sure why Pakistan's selectors turned against him, but now here he is going to the World Cup out of nowhere. We bet he's right chuffed, or whatever the Pakistani equivalent is.

Returning to Razzaq, as he says himself: 'I am simply devastated. One moment we are practicing and planning for the big tournament and next moment doctors tell me I am out of it.'

There are some crushing lows when you're an international sportsman. What's the worst that can happen to us prior to the World Cup? The telly goes on the blink? There's always the pub.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

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