Anwar Ali Khan video - Under-19 final

Apologies to those of you with slower internet connections, but this is quite interesting. It's Anwar Ali Khan, playing for Pakistan in the final of the Under-19 World Cup against India. As well as bowling three no-balls, he also took three wickets.

We've read quite a bit about both Anwar Ali Khan and his partner opening the bowling for Pakistan Under-19s, Jamshed Ahmed. By all accounts Jamshed Ahmed is the more refined of the two, with the ability to move the ball both ways, but watch this video - Anwar Ali Khan swings the ball an enormous amount. An ENORMOUS amount.

Jamshed Ahmed's a left-armer, by the way, so you've got a wily left-armer moving the ball both ways and a quick right-armer bowling prodigious inswingers. Sound familiar?

Here's a link, if the video doesn't play here for whatever reason.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

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