James Anderson's Ashes

We never mentioned how delighted we are that James Anderson has been selected for the Ashes. We sometimes forget that some of you haven't read the whole site. James Anderson's mentioned relatively infrequently here at King Cricket and this is basically because we assume that you all know how we feel. But, of course, you don't.

We want James Anderson back in England's team as soon as humanly possible. The lad's magic.

England have selected a number of pace bowlers over the last couple of years, most of whom have shown promise. James Anderson didn't show promise when he was first picked for England. He just performed.

There was a one-day match against Australia in Adelaide during the last Ashes tour when the Australians couldn't get him off the square. It was 40 degrees and James Anderson bowled his 10 overs straight though. He went for 12 runs. This was back in the days when Australia crushed England without mercy. He was only 20 then.

Since then he's been mucked about, messed with, injured and moped around as twelfth man, but he's not gone away. And for anyone who says that he doesn't look where the ball's going after he's released it - so what? He can't do much with it once he's let go, can he?

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Friday, September 15, 2006

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