Rob Key is unbeaten, unyielding, unbowed

Rob Key hit 75 not out, yesterday, in a Kent total of 150. Harbhajan Singh took wickets for fun for Surrey, ('This wicket-taking is fun,' he was heard to say) but Rob was immovable.

This warrants a new Rob Key song. To the tune of 'Robin Hood, Robin Hood':

Robert Key, Robert Key, opened up for Kent;
Robert Key, Robert Key, all knew what this meant;
Did he get out?
Was there any doubt?
Front foot clout;
Back foot clout;
Rob's not out.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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Anonymous Brian said...

call that a song?

that aint no song,

leave it with me, I can't give it my full attention just now, but believe me, I'll be back.




5:42 pm  

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