Thandi Tshbalala - a South African spinner (no, really)

South Africa are playing a spinner. The lines of communication must have been severed inside Castle South Africa (which is where the South African cricket team is controlled from) because South Africa never EVER pick a spinner.

Today, against India, they have. And he's got a cool name. He's called [copy, paste] Thandi Tshbalala and he's an off-spinner.

'What about Nicky Boje?', you ask. 'He was a spinner'.

No, he wasn't.

'Yes he was. Look at this page from Cricinfo.'

No... He wasn't...

'Okay. What about Paul Adams then?'

Was he? Was he really? We wouldn't like to venture what he was.

Even Kevin Pietersen was considered a spinner back when he was South African. Look. He even batted at nine like spinners are supposed to.

Picture from Cricinfo

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Friday, June 29, 2007

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