Paul Collingwood - a captain who can bat?

Batting average before the captaincy versus batting average while captain. It's every English cricket writer's favourite statistic. See: Mike Atherton, Alec Stewart, Nasser Hussain, Michael Vaughan, Andrew Flintoff and just about anyone else who's ever tossed a coin for this great nation.

"Oh no, please, this cumbersome captaincy has rendered me overladen", they all cry. "Deciding whether to post a second gully yesterday has led me to spoon my third ball to mid-off again. Oh for those carefree days when I could just hum Eric Clapton tunes while standing at third slip."

Hopefully Paul Collingwood's thumping 80 off 41 balls in the Twenty20 last night is a sign that he'll be different.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

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Anonymous Mahinda said...

I've got this image of The Ginger Wonder and Big Shiv sharing a post-match pint, sitting in the corner slagging off their feckless teammates.

Meanwhile, said teammates are playing darts, often missing the board completely.

1:30 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

The image we've got is of 20 players jumping around an adventure playground while Shiv and Colly stand looking-on like dutiful mothers.

Eventually they tire of talking and say 'time to go home kids' and everyone goes: 'Ohhhhh. Nooooo. Please. Just a little bit longer.'

Shiv and Colly smile at each other and roll their eyes.

1:41 pm  

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