Jonathan Trott of Warwickshire gets very little written about him at King Cricket

It's been a couple of days since Jonathan Trott was named in England's one-day squad. We did a little thing about the other new boy, Dimitri Mascarenhas, but nothing's come to us about Jonathan Trott.

It's ironic because of the two of them we'd rather write about Jonathan Trott, because you don't have to really concentrate when you write his name. His first name ends '-an' not '-on'. That's all you have to remember.

Anyone got anything to proffer? Anything interesting that is - don't just go to Cricinfo and quote his average or something. We can do that. It's 41.48 in one-day cricket.

If you're Jonathan Trott and you know some facts about yourself make a bit of an effort. Just because you've been picked for England, you think you can just sit around on your arse all day. Well you can't. Pull your finger out and tell us what your favourite cheese is or something.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

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