Sri Lanka v Bangladesh - day one match report

Miriam put this in the comments of the previous post. We're nothing if not lazy, so we're republishing the report in its entirety as a post in its own right. Thanks Miriam:

I watched this day of play on telly. Here is my match report (I know match reports are meant to be from live attendance, but it was a bit far to go given that I'm meant to be back at work tomorrow):

1) Michael Vandort has dyed his hair a reddish colour. As the day went on, the colour started to run onto his shirt collar. That shirt is now ruined - there's no way that's coming out in the wash.

2) There were lots of big crows / rooks / whatever they are called, on the field, being noisy, and being really quite indifferent to the cricket.

3) At one point the ball ended up lodged against Vandort's, erm, box.

4) Russell Arnold was commentating. He was quite good, I thought.

5) Jayawardene complained about Shahadat Hossain's grunt when he bowls.

6) Shakib Al Hasan top-scored for Bangladesh, but it was a very qualified success as his score was 16, out of a total of 89.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

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Anonymous Terry Deary said...

I think you should follow the bbc's example. Where they looked to see if they had a "liberal bias" you should look to see if you have a "cricket bias"

go on do an internal enquiry, money and time well spent.

let us know the outcome. you can feedback to the group.

5:49 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

After a prolonged investigation, it has been concluded that the website King Cricket may, on occasions, have exhibited what could be construed as 'a cricket bias'.

A follow-up investigation has been launched to gauge the exact nature of these incidents and to somehow quantify their impact.

5:57 pm  
Anonymous Terry Deary said...

You should maybe interview some gymnasts. See how they feel about the lack of coverage about their sport on this site. That would help give you a balanced view.

And maybe some runners.

6:28 pm  

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