Shane Warne's retiring

The word on the street is that Shane Warne's going to retire. By 'on the street', we of course mean 'in the world's cricket media'.

He's called a press conference for today and people who know about this sort of stuff think it can mean only one thing.

We'll save our thoughts for now, in case he's just going to announce how much he hates pommie bastards, on a scale of one to a billion.

We'll just say that our first thought was: 'Ha. How are you going to fill THAT gap, Australia.' Then, after a second of thought, we realised that we were massively disappointed. It really will be sad, if he goes.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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Anonymous Brian said...

Wrong again Mr King Cricket,

"Warnie" has called the press conference to announce that in his spare time he will be caoching troubled snooker genius Ronnie 'The Rocket' O' Sullivan.

"Warnie" is a big snooker fan and believes he has the sports psychological know how to help Ronnie through his emotional rollercoaster and I quote

"I don't want that pug faced Scottish arse (Hendry) getting the better of Ron again and as for Ebdon, don't get me started on that *!!** !!** *! !!!*** **!! little !*!* slow playing !!***! !!***mother !!**!*!"

I repeat this is only in his spare time, he will NOT be retiring.

I am very confident of this.

8:58 pm  

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