Curse you Hayden; curse you Symonds

So England are getting battered. Andrew Symonds, who we like, but don't rate as a Test player, has scored 154 not out and thus made us look stupid. Matthew Hayden, who we don't rate and hugely, undeniably, steadfastly DO NOT like hit 153 and made us incandescent with rage.

One of the only joys during this series has been watching Aussie 'legends' drop like flies (they're not legends, because you can be certain that they exist). Damien Martyn went. Warne's going. McGrath's going. Matthew Hayden was scratching round like the next Mark Lathwell. Maybe he would go and at a fantastically low ebb as well. It doesn't look like it'll be that way.

Of course on the other hand, this is probably the kind of innings that will convince Hayden that he's still 'got it' and he can therefore continue his humiliation for another year - if the selectors permit him. What he's really got is a Michelin Man torso and a divine gift for talking bollocks.

England 159 all out
Australia 372-7

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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Anonymous Ekka said...

What on earth is your objection to Matt Hayden? He is probably the most decent, clean-living cricketer alive, and has overcome years of the Sydney-centric selection bias to become probably Australia's best-ever opener. He is also Andy Symonds' best mate. One presumes from the tenor of your diatribe that you are Poms, and for some reason Poms seem to have got hold of the wrong end of the stick regarding Matt the Bat, and to have invested him with a personality and talent entirely at odds with reality. One wonders who started the misinformation, but it does you no credit to perpetuate such lies and slander.

4:58 am  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...


From an English perspective, the problem with the Aussie cricket team is that the more we read, the more likeable each of them becomes.

As Australia are 'the enemy', we can't have this. That's why we've been resolutely ignoring any positive information we ever receive about Matthew Hayden.

He IS massively arrogant and he IS a hypocrite though. We stand by that.

11:53 am  

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