Justin Langer retires

"Rewards taste so much sweeter when you have tasted the bitter feeling of disappointment" - Justin Langer

We're starting to get really worried about this site. It's descending into a right cliché-fest. A player retires - we trawl around for a fitting quote that in some way summarises their career. Next thing you know we'll be reproducing the inane banalities that spew from players' mouths in the post-match interviews.

Justin Langer's retiring after this Sydney Test along with everyone else. He's always the bridesmaid, Justin Langer. We don't mean that he's overshadowed by others on his retirement day or that he's always been overshadowed by his more newsworthy opening partner, Matthew Hayden. No, we actually mean that Justin Langer's a transvestite with a penchant for embarrassing wedding-wear.

Justin Langer's career record is really very good. It's only pure misfortune that's cast him in a supporting role, although he doubtless doesn't see it that way. Thinking about it, he's right. He's held his own in one of the greatest ever Test sides and played a massive part in their success. How's that unfortunate?

With one or two innings to go, Justin Langer has hit 7,650 runs at 45.26 during 104 Tests including 23 hundreds

We're struggling to think of anyone who seems to be hit by the ball more than Justin Langer (maybe Graham Thorpe). He's massively brave and resilient. He's also one of the most determined cricketers around. Everything we read about him seems to be peppered with examples of his hard-work and single-mindedness in pursuing his dreams.

Mike Hussey's similar. There really is no mystery as to why some of Australia's batsmen are so good. They practice a hell of a lot and they go the extra mile, wherever it may take them. We're fascinated by people who are motivated. It's a bafflingly foreign concept for us.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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