England's a rubbish place

The Guardian have got a faintly knee-jerk article about the differences between English and Australian sporting cultures. There's doubtless a lot of truth in it, but it reads as rather contrived. There's a great quote though:

"Who are the Ashes between? It's five countries isn't it - or is that rugger? Selling off playing fields has been extremely bad. There's nowhere else for children to play. Wherever you go now it says 'No ball games'. There are so many fat children. They ought to have fat children's cricket."

We hear you, Caroline Biggins, grandmother from Totnes. There really SHOULD be fat children's cricket. There should also be fat adult professionals' cricket. Mark Cosgrove, Ian 'Fatty' Austin, Inzy, Darren Lehmann. It would be marvellous.


Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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Blogger omar said...

Don't forget Graeme Smith. I think that guy is huge.

Or maybe its just the pictures of him hugging Prince that fooled me...

7:12 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

Ashwell Prince or pint-sized New Power Generation Prince?

If it's the latter, we've definitely missed something major.

10:31 pm  
Anonymous EvilMinion said...

Is it wrong that I would pay money to see the latter?

12:12 pm  
Blogger omar said...

No... sadly its the former!

5:01 am  

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