Mohammad Asif shows us what we were missing

We know that there was that whole drugs thing and it's all a bit controversial and that, but we're really glad Mohammad Asif's back. Why? Because he's a great bowler and more than that, he's a great YOUNG bowler. There aren't too many of those and frankly someone needs to keep the world's batsmen in check.

Mohammad Asif kept South Africa in check where all the rest of his bowling team mates resolutely failed. At the close of play, Mohammad Asif had taken 4-58. South Africa are 254-4.

He's a man alone - much like ourself. Only Mohammad Asif is a great bowler alone amongst relatively ordinary bowlers. We're just alone in a small room because no-one else is around at the minute. It still counts though.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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Anonymous SimonC said...

But he's a drugs cheat. How can we take him seriously after that? Embarrassing enough that you're caught, surely, but to have your main defence be that you were too much of a bumpkin to have any idea that you were taking naughty pills? Ouch. He's an international sportsman, for crying out loud. How unaware can he possibly be?

Maybe he does use the crease well, and maybe he does get late swing, but he's a cheat. Why should we be happy to see him, any more than Americans should be happy to see Barry Bonds break the record for hitting sixes in that dreadful excuse for cricket they have over there? For every cheat we let back in the game, some poor schmuck who thought just being good and trying hard was enough gets left out.

Sod Mohammed Asif. At least you're alone in a room through your own talents. Much like me.

Okay, I've had a few too many and been kicked out of the pub and have nowhere else to go. But my point stands.

Okay, wobbles.

12:56 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think its outrageous that label asif as i cheat. Firstly, shoaib, as entertaining a bowler as he is to watch, is a little bit of a cheat-he comes with that. He is a man who I could invisage taking steriods to increase his pace. Why on earth would asif consciously bother doing this??? His speed is completly irrelevant!! His accuracy and movement from the seam and in the air are the most effective parts of his bowling. And on the point of being a bumpkin, just look at him. In pakistan, many people affectionatly call him gudah, which means donkey.
many thanks.

8:21 pm  

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