England win Down Under

England have won a game. They beat New Zealand. We love one-day cricket. It's bloody amazing, isn't it? We can't wait to see England lift the World Cup. We can barely remember the last time they lost a game.

James Anderson was 'the pick' of the bowlers. Operating in his role as 'the pick', Anderson took 4-42. Note for England's crack bowling strategist: Tell all of England's bowlers that they are 'the pick' of the bowling attack and then just sit back and reap the rewards. We should be a bowling coach.

Andrew Flintoff continued to prove that he isn't a complete spanner with the bat as well, scoring a match-winning 72 not out. All you'll read is that everyone wishes that England had gone to Australia in, like, August so that Flintoff's current form would have occurred during the Ashes. There's definitely a strong case against the tour itinerary, but we're a bit sick of hearing about it. At least he's in form now, that's our feeling. At least he's not a broken man, staring out of the window at the rain, wondering what the hell he's doing with his life. At least he's not worn down by guilt and unremitting pessimism.

New Zealand 205-9
England 206-7

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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