Makhaya Ntini: 300 Test wickets

Makhaya Ntini has today taken his 300th Test wicket. No mean feat and one that's taken us slightly by surprise.

He's been around a while and he's always taken wickets, but 300? When did that happen? Oh, that's right: Today. That's what we're writing about.

One thing we like about Ntini, other than the fact that he's fast, aggressive and supremely fit, is the way he bowls from really wide on the crease on occasions. Getting close to the stumps is certainly and advantage for a quick bowler, but you can get carried away with it.

Ntini bows from all over the place. A batsman may think he knows where his off-stump is, but Ntini occasionally goes so wide that a batsman leaving the ball might find that very off-stump on its way to meet the keeper.

Another thing we like is that he's hardly ever injured. Some fast bowlers, like Shane Bond and Simon Jones, play about one match in twenty. It feels like it's a bit of a treat when they're actually on the field. Makhaya Ntini treats you every day. He's like an indulgent relative who says 'never mind what your mother says - here's more sweets'. Only he's better than that, because we don't like sweets. And we DO like fast bowling.

And ANOTHER thing that we like (they're coming thick and fast now) is that you just have to type 'nt' and his name pops up in the tagging field below, because no-one else has the sheer BALLS to start their name with a combination of consonants like that.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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Anonymous Jill Russell said...

But that scream?

I don't think South Africa should have dropped him in the World Cup do you?

8:44 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

In a word: No.

8:27 am  

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