Kamran Akmal gets Pakistan home

'Home' being 'a win'. We're not quite sure why we're focusing on Kamran Akmal. Possibly because he's not been having the best time of it. He had a great start to his Test career at a time when just about every international side seemed to be weighed down by wicketkeeper-batsmen, then he really tailed off.

Today he hit 57 not out, alongside Younis Khan, 67 not out, as Pakistan reached their target of 191 with the tail-enders waiting in the wings. Hopefully Kamran Akmal will regain some confidence from this and get a few more runs. We hate to see a player underperforming. What about Matthew Hayden, you say? Well he only overperforms. When you think he's underperforming, that's actually how he SHOULD be.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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