Oh great - another one of King Cricket's series

We're going away, but DON'T WORRY. We've written loads of stuff and we've asked someone to publish it all intermittently in our absence.

It's another series, like our 10 Great Bowling Performances series, or our Some Batsmen And Their Signature Shots series. The latter got sort of forgotten about after a bit, but this one's already written, so we can promise you an ending. We'll even put the best one last, so it's kind of like the whole thing's leading somewhere, rather than just meandering along like most of our stuff.

So we won't really be covering any news for the next few days. All that really means is that you won't have to read us pretending to be impressed with a Jamie Dalyrmple innings of 32 during an England one-day defeat. It's a blessing really.

Imaginitively, we've gone for 10 Great Innings. Lord knows what we'll do when we go away again later in the year. Suggestions are welcome.

Comments are being looked after as well, by the way.


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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that's quite organized of you!

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