Resting cricket players

South Africa have rested Shaun Pollock and Andre Nel for the third Test against Pakistan. We previously predicted the coming of squad rotation and concluded: "If it makes fast-bowlers fast again, we're in favour."

We must have been on the strong stuff that day, because we most definitely AREN'T in favour. At least as far as Test cricket is concerned. For one-day cricket, squad rotation's fine, but Test cricket is not just a test in name. It's supposed to be the best against the best, operating at the fullest of their capacities. We'll not repeat ourself. We'll provide a link to a better update we did about how Test cricket should remain a BIG DEAL.

This instance is made worse by the fact that this is a deciding Test. The series is currently 1-1.

Less cricket please.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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