Mal Loye: Everyone wants to know about him

Sometimes we do updates because we've got something to say. Sometimes we do updates because something happens that's impossible to ignore. More commonly we do updates because we've read a quote by an Australian cricketer and when taken out of context it makes them look stupid.

On very rare occasions, we do updates because lots of people want to find out about something and we feel like we ought to make the effort.

So Mal Loye's been called into England's one-day squad for this tri-nations series. Most people don't know who Mal Loye is, so here goes.

Mal Loye plays cricket for Lancashire. He's their best batsman. He's better than Stuart Law, he's better than Andrew Flintoff and he was better than Brad Hodge when Brad Hodge played for Lancashire last year. At least we think he was. Statistics might say otherwise, but statistics aren't going to send you literally hundreds of agitated emails written in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS if you disagree with them.

Mal Loye bats at number three for Lancashire in four-day cricket, but in one-day cricket he opens. He 'takes advantage of the fielding restrictions' in the parlance of cricket-writers worldwide. Sometimes he does this by slog-sweeping opening bowlers for six. It's weird. It's a bit unnerving when he tries it (which is often) but he seems to manage it, so who are we to argue?

If England's one-day team were run like Australia's, Mal Loye would have been playing for the last three years and would arrive at the World Cup full of experience at the height of his batting powers. As England's one-day team isn't run like Australia's, Mal Loye will probably arrive at the World Cup as a virtual debutant, 34 years of age and soon to be discarded. Small differences.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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Blogger omar said...


When I play as the Lancashire manager in Cricket Captain 2005, Loye is consistently my best batsmen.

How cool is that? I don't pretend to know a whole lot about the English county cricket circuit, but I think that that computer game should actually do the English team selections.

On the bright side for UK fans, in my international saved game, where I manage Pakistan, one more interesting prediction emerges. Cook becomes the English captain and their leading run scorer in 2012. Australia becomes the 7th ranked country in the world, while Eng rises to 3!

If you have no clue what I'm talking about....just quietly ignore me

9:29 pm  
Blogger Tim Wigmore said...

Good stuff; I think everyone is intrigued to see how he does.

I've written a couple of pieces on him, one exploring the reasons (perceived as being Ali Brown Mark 2, wrongly in my view, his age) why he has been ignored for so long. Cheers!

10:52 pm  
Anonymous Mahinda said...

I too have been waiting a while for Loye to be picked. In Frank Butcher parlance, he "does der bizness" on a regular basis for The Mighty Lankyshire.

I reckon he's got the temperament to go straight into this England side and kick some antipodean arse. There aren't many batsmen who can make a slog-sweep look like a genuine shot, and most that do sport baggy green caps.

2:47 pm  

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