How can Australia improve on a 5-0 Ashes victory?

With a 6-0 victory, of course. Cricket Australia want to play an additional Test in Hobart when England next tour.

What is this? The site's reading like one of those filler bits in Heat or FHM or some other publication that's palpably not worth ink. One of those bits where the writer has obviously been entrusted with writing two inches of anything-at-all because an advertiser's sent the wrong sized ad in.


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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Anonymous harrowdrive said...

Just keep pumping out the posts until they become good. That's my method anyway. The ol' "infinite number of monkeys" theory

2:55 pm  
Anonymous Jonny said...

If an infinite number of monkies, sat at an infinite number of type-writers, they'd eventually write "Hey! Hey! We're the monkies!"

That joke gets better every time. And there will be many more times.

3:07 pm  

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