Shane Warne bats England to death

In marked contrast to England's duck-and-two-scoring lower-order, Australia's tail wagged. Only that phrase is redundant - Australia don't have a tail; they have lower-order batsmen.

Stuart Clark, batting at 10, hit 35 and Shane Warne hit 71 in what may prove to be his swansong innings. Whereas England scrabbled desperately from 245-5 to 291 all out, Australia flew joyfully from 190-5 to 393 all out.

There have been many differences between these two sides during this series, but this a marked one. It's emblematic of many of England's failings. While their lower-order batting hasn't been the worst in history, it's never achieved anything unexpected. If you've any ambition to be the best, you can't be a slave to expectation.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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Anonymous Mahinda said...

Thanks to a bout of insomnia, I listened to a lot of last night's play on TMS, as well as watching the morning session on Sky.

Warne should have been out on 10. TWICE. What on Earth Sajid Mahmood was doing when he had a clear chance at a run out, I just don't know.

Clark, it seemed, led an absolutely charmed life, with Jimmy Anderson apparently missing the edge time after time after time.

Well, I suppose you make your own luck.

Oh, and it's not just this series - even in 2005, when the Aussie top order kept failing, many many runs were garnered by Messrs Warne and Lee, e.g. the rearguard at Old Trafford and almost getting away with it all at Edgbaston. It's just that people don't remember them.

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