Australia will be crap now

Thank Christ for that. We were starting to think it would never end.

Every two years we think: 'Right. That's got to be it now. McGrath and Warne have GOT to be retired by the next Ashes and England will be able to cash in.' But they never did retire.

Well now they have and Australia have to somehow replace the top wicket-taker of all time, a man who can take wickets on the flattest of pitches in any situation. They also have to replace the most reliable new ball bowler of all time, a man who would never let them down who's the third-highest wicket-taker of all time.

Quite frankly, it can't be done.

There'll be some good bowlers coming through, without doubt. But they'll be a lot more hot and cold than McGrath and Warne and that will cost Australia matches.

Bowling's the key. Bowling's always the key. Australia have had two of the very best at the same time. The effects are greater than just their wickets as well.

Brett Lee averages 32.43 with the ball. How many times has he been saved from a well-set batsman further denting those figures by Warne or McGrath getting them out. He doesn't have that luxury any more. Next time Mohammad Yousuf coasts past 100, there'll be no: 'Right, enough of this - Shane!' from Ricky Ponting. Brett'll have to plod on. Either that or Shaun Tate can take a turn watching the ball disappear to the boundary.

The batsmen won't like it either. There's a profound psychological difference between chasing 200 and chasing 400. It's unquantifiable, but it's real. Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne have indirectly inflated Aussie batsmen's averages for over a decade. Now they'll have to fend for themselves.

All in all, it's a great weight off our mind. If only there were more great bowlers elsewhere in the world.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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