Can we say 'well played' to Australia?

We're not totally sure whether we're allowed to do this as a cricket website with an English bent, but we want to commend the Australian team. They played brilliantly.

They may have had a bit of luck to get England out for 129, but it was hardly just luck, was it? Come on. Admit it. Australia played well.

They conceded 551 over the first two days and managed to take only six wickets. From there, they fought back and, on a wearing pitch, almost achieved parity. Then they disposed of England taking full advantage of any nervousness in the opposition. To prove that batting wasn't impossible, they then banished any nerves of their own and swept to their target.

They had one slim chance of winning the match. They sensed it. And they took it. They're a special team.

One that's worth beating.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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Anonymous jp said...

Sure the 2nd test was a disaster, but we only need one draw (more than likely) and two victories. That sounds a lot, but again one victory is more than likely, which leaves one match to fret over.
The joy of already holding the Ashes is we only have to draw the series.

Alternatively, once we had the ashes we should have refused to ever play Australia again...

10:05 am  

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