Shane Bond takes three wickets (and so does James Franklin)

Shane Bond took 3-43. Fast-bowling-arama, or somesuch.

James Franklin actually finished with better figures, 3-30, but we're a lot less interested. Mostly this is because we don't much like James Franklin, whereas we love Shane Bond. However, having studied the scorecard more closely, we can actually justify our Shane Bond-centric focus.

Shane Bond took the wickets of Benevolent Uncle Sanath, Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene, which is some trio. James Franklin took the wickets of Upul Tharanga, who's not bad; Chamara Kapugedera, who's promising, but currently not-all-that-good; and some guy called L P C Silva, who we've never even heard of. Frankly, L P C Silva could be a woman. We're not even going to check due to the minuscule chance that this could in some way render James Franklin's performance more meaningful.

For those who don't know, our hatred of James Franklin springs from a really irritating hundred he once hit.

Sri Lanka were all out for 154, by the way. Everyone's forgetting how to bat this week.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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Anonymous Mahinda said...

Never mind the Ashes - this is shaping up to be a cracking series.

Well, it was, anyway. I tuned in last night to see Chaminda and Malinga bowling a seriously evil spell, restricting NZ to 120ish/6...before Vettori came on and struck 60 runs.

I like Vettori, and have done ever since he was a bespectacled student, running in to bowl, shaggy student hair bouncing along like the bloke from Toploader's. The glasses are still there, of course, but he's had a haircut :o(

They just look like normal glasses too, rather than Edgar Davids style superspecs - rather charming, as though he's playing a bit of village cricket.

Still, I'm not happy with him tonking my beloved Lankans around. Why he's still stuck at no.8, I just do not know.

Of course, Bond's been bowling nicely again, and SL are in trouble with three days still to play. Bugger.

10:44 am  

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