Fidel Edwards shows what speed can do

Paul Collingwood took a fearful battering yesterday, getting hit on a number of occasions, but Liam Plunkett's wicket was the only reward for Fidel Edwards.

On Test Match Special, Viv Richards immediately perceived Plunkett as being intimidated. Viv's seen some of the greatest ever fast bowlers from a position in the slips. He can see a lack of stomach much sooner than less seasoned eyes.

According to Viv, Plunkett was making a subtle movement towards the leg-side. It wasn't even that pronounced when we watched the replays, but Viv was certain: Plunkett would rather the timber took the force of the ball than himself - at least to some degree.

A ball or so later, Liam Plunkett was as bowled as bowled can be. We mention this because it was perhaps an example of what we said about how a fast bowler can influence a batsman's behaviour. A quick ball at middle stump wouldn't have bowled Plunkett but for the balls that preceded it.

Later in the day, Fidel Edwards rang one on Steve Harmison's helmet. Steve Harmison loomed over Edwards, having run a bye and gave him the most evil of smiles. We hope that's a sign of intent for when he comes to bowl.

England v West Indies, third Test, day one at Old Trafford
England 296-7 (Ian Bell 77 not out)

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Friday, June 08, 2007

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Anonymous Six and Out said...

Seems Viv was a little more accurate about Plunkett than England's new bowling consultant, Allan Donald, who has compared Plunkett to Glenn McGrath. Hmm.

10:56 am  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

Clearly Allan Donald's confidence-building techniques consistent of telling blatant lies.

10:52 am  
Blogger Samir Chopra said...

Lying is a time-honoured confidence-building technique starting with new grandparents telling their children that their newborn infant is cute, going all the way to politicians telling us that invading armies will be greeted as liberators. Donald is merely following a pattern.

12:21 pm  

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