Andrew Strauss needs a few runs

England's batsmen are scoring runs for fun. All except Andrew Strauss.

In his last 13 innings since the start of the Ashes, he's passed 50 once. In fact, he didn't pass it. He got a round 50 in the first innings in Melbourne.

Since that 50 his scores have been 31, 29, 24, 33, 24 and 15. These aren't the scores of an opening batsman being a victim of the new ball. These are the scores of a batsman not pushing on.

You've got to push on. If you're a batsman, this is the process in full: Play yourself in. Push on to 50. 'Convert' your 50 to a hundred. Get a 'big score' or a 'big hundred'. See it like a football.

We think you only 'see it like a football' once you've passed 150. Maybe it's after 158, which would explain KP's tendency to get out on that score.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

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Anonymous Mahinda said...

You forgot Michael Vaughan's trick of "seeing it like a football" for about 30-40 runs, then "seeing it like an unripe kumquat" and getting out.

Mind you, he might finally have sorted it, albeit against a Windies attack more intent on bowling pies than kumquats.

I'm looking forward to a scorching hot day at Old Trafford on Sunday -- rain's forecast for Saturday, this backing up my "always go to the 4th day at Old Trafford" theory.

1:14 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

Wasn't that theory disproved last year?

Day three featured five Panesar wickets, five Harmison wicktes and only 210 Pakistani runs.

There was no day four.

1:24 pm  
Anonymous Miriam said...

There'd better be a day four. I have people coming round for jerk chicken.

5:06 pm  
Blogger The Scientician said...

What! Noooooooo!
Sunday is your day of rain my friend (at time of posting)/

10:26 am  

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