Lasith Malinga - cheat?

This is slightly apropos of nothing, but there's always someone moaning about Lasith Malinga's bowling action.

One of his critics' main points is that he breaks the rules and cheats. We don't actually think that Malinga does break the rules, but let's assume for a moment that he does.

What is 'cheating'? It's gaining an unfair advantage somehow, isn't it? Even if Malinga does break the rules, does he get an unfair advantage?

No. He doesn't get any advantage at all through the way he bowls. It's a disadvantage. It's a crippling disadvantage and it's miraculous that he's so effective. He succeeds in spite of his action, not because of it.

Have any of his critics attempted to bowl like him to see the true effects of his 'cheating'? When the first two deliveries get fielded by deep square leg and the third by cover, they'll realise that Malinga's round-arm action isn't cheating.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

he is not bowling he is throwing. If any of the governing bodies say anything Sri Lanka's usual response is " we're not playing anymore ". Just a little bit on the childish side....
If I was an opposing team I would refuse to let him bowl.

12:28 pm  

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