Runako Morton makes a hundred v MCC

A West Indies batsman making a hundred on this tour should be a positive, but we feel that Runako Morton's hundred against the MCC is mighty unfortunate for their Test team.

From what we saw in the second Test, Runako Morton is exactly the sort of batsman that the West Indies don't want in their side. They don't need the most talented players. They don't need strokemakers. What they need is as many resilient, dogged cricketers as they can get their hands on.

They need players with clear heads who have at least some idea what they're trying to achieve. Runako Morton's second innings at Headingley was an exercise in almost criminal thoughtlessness.

The match was as good as lost, but there was still a hope that the weather could have saved them. Yet Runako Morton just kept aiming drive after drive at wide, swinging deliveries. Fortunately, he was largely too crap to latch onto any of them. It was almost like he was trying to get out.

He clearly hadn't modified his approach for the conditions when he arrived at the crease. That's just about forgivable. That he never learnt during his 62 ball stay was beyond belief. Idiot.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

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Anonymous Dejected Pakistani Fan said...

Hey, anyone who's been thrown out of cricket school, the national team and into jail for stabbing a real person deserves to be included for entertainment value.

Especially more so now that it appears that Sohaib Akhtar is winding up the soap opera he calls a career.

9:48 pm  

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