Michael Vaughan: A hundred at Headingley in his comeback

Michael Vaughan scored a hundred. We're delighted.

Like many England supporters, we've subconsciously come to associate Michael Vaughan's presence with a resilient and ultimately victorious England side.

Even the World Cup couldn't colour that rose-tinted view. That was the other Michael Vaughan - One-Day Michael Vaughan. One-Day Michael Vaughan's crap.

Test Michael Vaughan returned yesterday and in some style. When he played that first pull shot, you thought 'he'll get a hundred', knowing you were kidding yourself, but still clinging to that ridiculous hope that everything would be all right if Vaughan were back.

When he played that cover drive - the one that's too classy for anyone to reproduce in anything so mundane as a textbook - you actually started to believe he'd get a hundred for real.

Then he did get a hundred. The 'Vaughan's there, England are the best in the world' fiction can limp on.

And on.

England v West Indies, second Test at Headingley
England 366-5 (Michael Vaughan 103, Kevin Pietersen 130)

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

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Anonymous Eastfield Cricket said...

Did you hear his interview on Sports extra this afternoon. While he agreed that one shot can tell you that you are on song he said that for him a really good indicator is doing a defence shot and staying balanced into it and and out again. It was magic seeing him playing and playing so well wasn't it?
PS When is it a pull and when is it a hook?

5:23 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

We did hear that.

As for the hook/pull distinction, different people seem to use the terms in different ways.

Some say it is the height at which the ball is played - the hook being played from head height, the pull from waist height.

Others say it depends on whether you play the ball in the air (the hook) or along the ground (pull).

We've heard it said that it depends whether the ball goes backward of square and there are a good many people, including commentators, who use the terms interchangeably.

12:21 pm  

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