The Schofield Report

Insistent, weighty music. We see ex-cricketers dashing into a building bearing briefcases. Cut to the interior of the building. The same ex-cricketers are talking around a large table. The camera circles rapidly. Cut to a burly middle-aged man, who points at camera and says:

"The Schofield Report"

Ken Schofield was instructed to draw up a blueprint for the future of English cricket. He got some cricketers in, they reviewed English cricket over the last few years and now they're saying stuff. The Schofield Report's out and we can pore over its findings, nitpicking, applauding or both.

Schofield recommendations we think they should already be doing
A Schofield recommendation that's probably more important than it seems
A Schofield recommendation that might be tricky to enforce
Some good solid recommendations
Restructure domestic cricket


Friday, May 25, 2007

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